Fun on the Embarcadero

Ella woke up with no fever this morning.  She still has a little cold but she was fever free all day – tonight, it came back a little so I guess she’s fighting an infection.  Ella and I went to Crossroads and had breakfast, then we hopped on the train and went to the Hyatt on the Embarcadero.  We checked out the lights and some very large nutcrackers and other stuff.  We also watched the people ice skating.  We came home, Ella made Stella a card for her birthday (Stella’s actual birthday is today) and then Ella tied a beautiful bow on Stella’s gift.  Brickelle taught Ella how to tie a bow last month and Ella has pretty much mastered it.  The video at the end is of Ella tying a bow.  Tonight, we went next door to celebrate Stella’s birthday with the whole family.  The kids broke up a piñata and we had delicious ice cream cake.  All of a sudden, Ella began to fade fast so we took her home and straight to bed.  Grandma and papa are coming in the afternoon.  We can’t wait to see them!129.jpg Riding the train down the Embarcadero.214.jpg311.jpg59.jpg610.jpg Ella and the huge decorations.411.jpg Check out these beautiful lights.79.jpg A little “fall” scene in San Francisco.89.jpg107.jpg1112.jpg Piñata time!1210.jpg Ella found her way into this beautiful family shot.136.jpg I think this is one of the first times that we have all been photographed together!  Juliet doesn’t look too happy here but she was just acting…

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  1. Grandma says:

    I am going to need help tying q bow on microbe and my sneakers. So happy Ella is such a greqtcbow tier. Seez you later today. Can’t wait. Love you. Mom

  2. Grandma says:

    Meant to write my robe! Please forgive my typos.

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