Sent home from camp with a fever

Today I got a call at around 12:00 that Ella had a fever (between 101 and 102) and that I needed to come and get her.  When I got her, she was warm, her eyes were glassy and she just wanted to get home to bed.  Ella was very sleepy but cooperated and took some tylenol.  Her fever came back at around 7:00 so we gave her more tylenol.  She is sleeping soundly right now and I just checked on her and she has no fever.  When Ella woke up this morning she said, “Only 2 days ’til grandma and papa!  She is so excited to see you guys.  We can’t wait to see you guys and hang out.  We love you.  More on Ella’s health tomorrow.  My tooth is doing alright.  A few more days of meds and I’ll be great.  Goodnight.

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  1. merilee says:

    so sorry Ella has a fever. We don’t need to run around in San Francisco. Some good movies on DVD and lots of reading will be wonderful. We’ll save our energy for ‘The Nutcracker Ballet’ and Milo’s arrival. Hope your mouth is healing. Love you. Mom

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