A beautiful day full of family

Today was a great day.  In the morning, we went over to Phyllis’ house so that we could spend some time with her mom, grandma Alice and her sister and brother in law before they headed back to LA.  Alice is 93 years old is as sharp as a whip.  She is an amazing inspiration to make you want to live a long beautiful life.  After Phyllis’ house, we headed over to Debby and Toby’s to celebrate Rachel’s 21st birthday.  Rachel was in town for the long weekend from Sarah Lawernce College.  It was great to see all of them and get to spend some time together.  Ella really loves Rachel and you can tell how special she feels hanging out with a “big” girl.  After Debby and Toby’s we came back here and spent the rest of the day here just hanging out, doing puzzles, teaching my mom how to use her iPad etc…We had dinner at Public House again and grandma and papa have to leave in the morning.  We love you guys – we will miss you – can’t wait to see you in about 3 weeks.136.jpg Beautiful Ella and beautiful grandma Alice.220.jpg Ella at Rachel’s party.  Ella fit right into the party.317.jpg Ella helped Rachel blow out the candles…they were those kind of candles that keep re-lighting.  Ella thought that was pretty cool.418.jpg Ella introducing papa to Luca – her lizard that she made at tree frog trecks.518.jpg Pure happiness and love.616.jpg Love, love love.712.jpg 2 happy grandparents and one happy crazy grand daughter.

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  1. Grandma says:

    It was wonderful being with you all this weekend. Ella is a pure delight and her parents can take credit for it. Love you. Mom

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