Happy Thanksgiving

Today was the beginning of Ella’s Thanksgiving break.  My parents flew in last night and came to Grandparent and Special Friends day at Ella’s school.  This year is their third year attending and from observing Ella and my parents, it was a totally different experience.  Ella was interactive in the class activity, she showed my parents around every corner of the room, describing what she did there and she pointed out her artwork and classwork on the walls.  We left and had lunch at Nordstrom.  We came home and hung out at the house – Ella, grandma and papa watched Finding Nemo and then the 5 of us went to the Public House for dinner.  It was a great day and night.  So happy to have grandma and papa here!  Tomorrow we are going to hang out here in the morning, watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, have a late lunch/early dinner, and then go see Tangled.  I hope that you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving and that we can all reach out and help people who may not be as fortunate as we are.  Even a smile makes a difference!129.jpg218.jpg Grandma and Ella were playing Spanish Bingo!  I think grandma was making sure that Ms. Gladys wasn’t cheating!315.jpg A shot of the whole class playing Bingo.416.jpg Ella showing grandma and papa some of her work on the walls.516.jpg Ella showing grandma and papa some more of her work.614.jpg79.jpg THe traditional walking shots.

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