Bowling playdate

Last year, right after Ella’s birthday, Stella, Juliet and Ella got dressed up in their princess dresses and went bowling.  Ella told us that she wanted to do that again this year and to also invite Brickelle.  Instead of wearing her princess dress, Ella decided to wear her Hannah Montana costume.  Brickelle wore a Tiana dress and Stella and Juliet looked beautiful dressed like normal kids.  It was great because KJ and Brooklyn also came so we had a whole clan at the bowling alley and then at Mo’s afterwards.  This was the first time that Ella had a private playdate with Stella, Juliet and Brickelle – three of her favorite people.  They were all really sweet together and it was great.  When we were driving home, Ella said, “This was the best day ever!”  So happy it worked out and that everyone had fun.126.jpg ELla on her way down to the car.  Her red cowboy boots finally fit her!216.jpg Ella, Juliet and Brickelle getting ready to bowl!313.jpg High fiving Stella.414.jpg I think Ella’s ball weighed one pound more than mine.  ELla also almost beat me!  It wasn’t my best bowling game but I had so much fun!514.jpg ELla put the ball on the ground and rolled it down the alley at first.613.jpg Stella had a pretty good throwing technique.78.jpg Brickelle was more of a gentle roller.89.jpg Concentrating on the roll.910.jpg Two cute kids in their crazy costumes.106.jpg Pretty great shots consicering that we’re working with 6 kids who are pretty hungry!1111.jpg An early dinner.127.jpg134.jpg THe girls having fun with their Hannah Montana disco balls.144.jpg KJ!!!!!154.jpg TIme to say goodnight.164.jpg More saying goodnight.173.jpg Checking out the emply skating rink.182.jpg192.jpg THe perfect Hannah Montana outfit including the sneakers that Ella got from the Kim/Arenas.  She LOVES her new sneakers.

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  1. merilee says:

    Adorable! I love those guard rails. Where were they when I was bowling. Love you. Mom

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