Super successful sleepover

Ella had a great time at the sleepover and we didn’t pick her up until 2:00 today!  Today after they woke up and had breakfast, Kristen (Emmi’s mom) took Emmi, Sadie (Emmi’s older sister) and Ella to this place in Daly City that has a huge indoor climbing and sliding structure.  When we picked up Ella, she was exhausted and I think she just wanted to stay forever but when we told her that we had to go, she went crazy!  The girls were also watching Hannah Montana on TV and Ella just wasn’t having it.  Unfortunately, Ella left her amazing sleepover kicking and screaming.  She was nuts in the car and then after about 5 minutes, she passed out.  Ella slept from about 2:30 – 5:00.  She must have been playing so hard with the girls.1a1.jpg2a.jpg Kristen sent us these pictures last night.  The girls all made their own pizzas.  I guess Ella has been watching the guys at Amici’s make their pizzas really closely because she made a hell of a pizza.  We were so happy that Ella had a great time.120.jpg214.jpg Phyllis came over for dinner tonight and dropped off some birthday presents for Ella.  When Ella saw these Hannah Montana pajamas, she threw herself on the ground and then she got up, ran to Towby’s bed, put the bed over her head, screamed and I don’t even remember what happened next.  She loves her new pajamas a lot.

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  1. merilee says:

    I keep wondering what idol will come after Hannah Montana! I love that Ella had a great sleepover. She’s such a well adjusted and well-rounded kid. Even with the exhaustion induced meltdown. Love you. Mom

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