Great trip to dentist

Ella had a great trip to the dentist today.  She was a little nervous but she hung in there and made is successfully through x-rays, a deep cleaning and a fluoride treatment.  For the first time, Ella was in the exam chair by herself – not on our laps.  At the end of the appointment she told me that she was older and that she didn’t need to be on our lap.  I thought that was great.  After the dentist, we went home, had lunch, took Towby for a walk and then went to her swimming lesson.  I haven’t been to a lesson in a while and Ella’s progress is incredible.  I filmed some of the lesson but this lifeguard told me that I couldn’t film.  I still did it but not with the determination that I would have if he didn’t come and talk to me.  After the swimming lesson, I took Ella over to her friend Emmi’s house.  Emmi is one of Ella’s friends from school and tonight, Ella is sleeping at her house.  This is the first time that Ella has slept over one of her school friend’s houses.  As soon as we got there, Ella was pretty much like, “See ya mama.”  It was so fantastic to see her so happy and comfortable and excited.  I’ll fill you in more about it tomorrow afternoon when we pick her up.  I have a few pictures from today and then a movie that I made of Ella at ballet on Monday and her swimming lesson today.119.jpg213.jpg Ella this morning at breakfast at the Crossroads Cafe.  Ella loves the garden there and usually runs around pretending that she is Tinkerbell.310.jpg412.jpg Hanging out in the exam chair.  Ella was watching Shrek 2 on the TV.512.jpg Getting dry after her swimming lesson.

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  1. merilee says:

    Lauren, Ella looks just like you in the water, especially doing the back stroke. Her swimming is amazing! And Dad noticed that Ella was sideways skipping in ballet class — his cast may come off on Monday. Love you. Mom

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