Today, there was a Halloween parade at Ella’s school.  The parade was right around the preschool dismissal but preschoolers were not allowed to come to school dressed up.  It makes sense (to me) they didn’t want the kids to possibly have an accident in their costume, they can become uncomfortable wearing a costume all day, just a bunch of distractions that they don’t really need.  Ella was very understanding about the whole thing – she better be – there have been the same rules for the past 3 years.  Anyway, this year we stayed and watched the parade.  Ella loved seeing her friends all dressed up – especially Brickelle.  She said that Brickelle was the best part of the parade.  Tonight we took it easy – went out to Nama and then Blush and we’re all turning in early.  We have a night off from baseball.  Here are some pics from this afternoon.134.jpg Ella and Brooklyn waiting for the parade to start.227.jpg SO sweet.  Ella has been holding back hugs from Brooklyn lately but today she just kept on hugging him.325.jpg420.jpg Ella’s friend Clark was very sweet and shared his mask with her.519.jpg Every week in Brickelle’s kindergarten class, the kids get to share news about themselves.  This week, Brickelle wrote and drew a picture of the sleepover that she had with Ella.  Ella LOVED it that Brickelle mentioned the sleep over.616.jpg Ella took this shot of mommy practicing her cheering for the Giants.

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  1. merilee says:

    Scary mask that Clark shared with Ella; very sweet that he shared it with her. Great picture Ella took of Sunny. Love you. Mom

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