The Giants take game 2

This has been quite an exciting October.  Baseball is in the air everywhere in SF which is not usual.  This is not really a baseball city but this year, the Giants have made San Francisco a baseball city.  For Ella, this has been exciting too.  She’s pretty into the game.  Tonight while Sunny and I were at the game, Ella went over to the Kim/Arena household and watched the game with the girls, Helen, Ron and KJ.  Then they all came over here, the girls played upstairs and the adults watched the game.  Ella fell asleep early tonight which was good because she’s been tired lately with some late nights.  Another really exciting thing for Ella is that Ms. Alicia has come to the house twice in 2 weeks because we have been going to some of the games together.  Ella gets really excited and just brings things over to Alicia to show her.  During “adult” conversations, you can all of a sudden hear her high voice “Ms. Alicia, did you see this, it’s my yo yo”.  Super cute.  Here are some pictures from tonight’s game.  I realized that I didn’t have any pictures of Ella from today so I took a picture of her sleeping when we came home.130.jpg Here we are – game 2 of the World Series.226.jpg Another beautiful night at the ballpark.324.jpg Here I am with the orange man.419.jpg Oh My God!  We won the game.518.jpg The Giants Won!615.jpg Goodnight beautiful Ella.1a.jpg I took this shot out of the sun roof this morning when I was driving home from dropping off  Ella.  The clouds were beautiful.

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  1. merilee says:

    You’ve become quite the photographer! Go Giants! We’ve been watching the game on TV; beautiful shots of the park and San Francisco. Love you. Mom

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