We’re going to the World Series!

Wow – what a night in more ways that one!  The Giants won the National League pennant tonight.  The Giants will be playing in the world series!  It’s going to be quite a week.  Today we took a walk to the Ferry building and had lunch.  It started raining pretty hard on the way home so we took the train and then Ella went straight to TaeKwonDo.  Grandma and papa came for the end of the class and got to see Ella in action.  They loved it and she loved having them there.  After TaeKwonDo, Ella hung out in the apartment with grandma and papa and Sunny and I went over to Mijita to watch the game.  The game was a little crazy making but it was so much fun to hang out and be with friends and strangers.  We left Mijita in around the 4th inning to meet grandma, papa and Ella to go out to dinner at Nama.  We were all leaving to go out to dinner and Ella and papa were going down the hallway pretending to be animals.  Then they were galloping.  Ella gallops sideways because that’s how she learned to do it in ballet.  Ella was down the hall when papa decided to gallop sideways too.  He’s not such a great sideways galloper and he fell and landed on his wrist- good thing he was galloping sideways because only one wrist was injured in the fall.  He was in a lot of pain and we decided that a trip to the emergency room was in order. Ella and Sunny went to Nama for dinner and grandma and I took papa to the ER.  It turns out that his wrist is broken and he will need surgery in NY when he gets home.  We’re so sorry that this happened papa.  We love you and hope your wrist feels better.  Stick to galloping forward. No more sideways galloping for you!  The best scene tonight was watching the 9th inning in the ER.  We were watching with a woman who’s mother had food poisoning from oysters, a man with a bad cut on his head, two paramedics, one of the male ER nurses, and a man who I think just came in to watch the end of the game but pretended that he had a medical emergency!  What a crazy night.  Go Giants.  Grandma and papa are leaving tomorrow morning.  We love you guys.  It was so great to have you here.  Can’t wait to see you during Thanksgiving.126.jpg Go Giants!  Ella on her way out the door for our walk to the Ferry Building.222.jpg Beautiful hug.320.jpg415.jpg514.jpg Ella and papa “flying” over the walls on the Embarcadero.611.jpg79.jpg Walking home in the rain.86.jpg Don’t mess with this beauty!96.jpg Walking down the hallway like animals…there was the flamingo, the chicken, the penguin…should have never switched to the gallop!

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