Grandma and papa, the Academy of Science fun times!

Ella went to school this morning and then I picked her up at around 11:00 with grandma and papa.  Ella was so happy and excited.  We went to the Academy of Science, had some lunch and then explored!  It was the first time that we were there when it wasn’t really crowded.  We went to see the penguins, checked out the dinosaurs, went to the aquarium downstairs, went to the rain forest, hung out with some butterflies and then we left.  We went over to the DeYoung to see the special exhibit but there was too much time between when we were there and when the next available time was.  We walked around the main exhibits for a while and then went home.  Ella watched most of the Sound of Music with grandma and papa and then we all went out to dinner with Abigal and Ray.  After dinner, Ella finished watching the Sound of Music, grandma fell asleep and papa finished it with Ella.  Ella fell asleep at 10:30 tonight.  I hope she sleeps in.  I should be sleeping too!  It was a really great full day.  Ella is so curious about everything and it was beautiful to watch her run around the Academy and soak up all the information.  It’s great having grandma and papa here.124.jpg Ella on the way to school this morning.  I didn’t take the Giants rubber bands out – I left them for Alicia to do.  I didn’t want Ella screaming at me this morning!221.jpg Papa, Ella and grandma leaving CDS.  Ella has a beautiful new hair style and a very happy spring in her step.  She’s going to spend the whole day with grandma and papa.319.jpg414.jpg Ella was loving the penguins (papa’s power animal).513.jpg Checking out some fish.610.jpg Looking at an eel with his mouth open.  Looks like papa was pretending to be an eel!78.jpg Ella spent a long time at this exhibit touching starfish, urchins and other sea life.85.jpg Walking into the rain forest.95.jpg105.jpg1111.jpg Hanging upstairs watching the butterflies and the poison frogs.125.jpg133.jpg142.jpg Ella with her new “friend” Peter.  She got this toy at the girt shop.  I had the same thing when I was a little kid.153.jpg162.jpg Too much fun with grandma and papa!172.jpg Ella’s dinner at Scoma’s which she LOVED!

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