The Borders Book Store across the street from our  house is closing.  They are having big sales – 20, 30, 40% off.  I was wandering through the store today and found some really cool stuff.  I found these two dry erase books for Ella.  One was for math and the other was for phonics.  Tonight, before dinner, I showed Ella the math book.  Ella is funny with her numbers.  She is not as confident with her numbers as she is with her letters (writing them).  This is a great book where first you count objects and then write the number underneath the photo.  When you’re all done, you pull the tabs and the numbers are revealed.  Ella loved this – she began to learn to write her 2 and 3 the correct way – not backwards.  Then she learned about adding things together and the last thing that she did was learn about even and odd numbers.  She was having so much fun with her math book.  She felt so proud when she got the correct answer and really wanted to learn about something when it didn’t make sense to her.  I love watching her learning process.  At one point after dinner, I was taking Towby out for a walk and Ella heard Stella and Juliet in the hallway.  Ella came to the door and said, “Hi you guys – do you want to come in here?  I’m learning about math”.  I love it that she wanted to share her learning with her buddies.  I’ll show her the phonics book tomorrow.  We also got her the “The Word Caper” this Leap Frog DVD.  She was watching it while we were eating dinner (we were watching the ballgame) and she was so into it.  There’s nothing like watching kids who love to learn.

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