We went to a game on Thursday and one on Friday. Everyone is caught up in Barry chasing Hank Aaron’s record…except Ella. Ella is much more interested in Lou Seal and Charlie Brown. Luckily we can “cover all bases” at the ballpark! Barry didn’t hit a home run on Thursday, but he did it last night. We were there, but not in our seats and not with our camera out. I couldn’t capture the swing, but we did capture highlights for us of the past 2 games. There were fireworks at the game last night, which was a long game. It was an exciting game and Ella stayed up for the whole thing! She was struggling at the end a little, but once the fireworks started, she was laying in Sunny’s arms, mesmerized by the magic in the air and completely relaxed.

Ella, Sunny and Lou Seal at Thursday’s game. Ella is holding 2 Lou Seal cards that the usher gave to her. She held onto them through most of the game.

Here we are coming towards the end of Thursday’s game. I was still totally into the game…Ella was a little too through.

Friday night right before the game. This is not a posed picture. They all just sat down on the steps once we reached the lobby. They are too much!

There is the home run counter right there on the wall. He did it in the beginning of the game. Some history to show Ella later on.

So we’re all excited about the home run and Ella really wants to go see her friend Charlie Brown. She’s getting brave now. She’s standing on the platform with him!

Something very exciting happened. Duane Kuiper – one of the voices of the Giants (that’s him in the upper left hand corner) who knows Sunny from the Giants Community Fund, spotted us in our seats. He saw Ella and gave two big thumbs up. A few minutes later, one of the ushers came down to us and handed a ball to Ella telling her that it was from Duane Kuiper. What a treat! Ella loved holding the baseball and also shared it with her buddy Stella.

Here we are with the ball from Kuip.

The evening is almost over…the lights in the stadium are starting to go off…the girls are getting ready to watch the fireworks.

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  1. merilee says:

    Fantastic! I watched the second half of the game and looked for you guys. Glad you were there. Love you. Gama

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