Fun day at the park

Today one of the neighborhood kids had a birthday party at Alta Plaza Park.  Cassidy, the birthday girl was turning 3, but she’s tall enough to be Ella’s age.  Ella loves this park so she had a blast.  She went on one thing that she was afraid to go on the last time so I thought that was great that she got past her fear.  After the party, we hung around at home.  None of us were used to so much beautiful weather in one day!  We went out later to stop by at an adult birthday party and then had dinner at Pasta Pomodoro.  We bumped into Debby, Toby and Rachel there and had a really fun dinner with them.  What a great full day.  Bug hasn’t been doing so well this weekend so we are just going to watch her and figure out what she needs next.  This is really sad.  We have been talking about it in front of Ella so that she isn’t shocked when Bug eventually dies.  So far she seems ok with the whole thing.  Hopefully Bug will hang with us for a little longer.  She’s a great dog.140.jpg Climbing high up to the clear blue sky.230.jpg This was not really a fair balance – I was sitting on the other side of this.318.jpg Ella is not having any fun at all.416.jpg A vision of happiness.514.jpg This was the thing that Ella was afraid of.    She walked all the way across it!613.jpg712.jpg Ella and Cassidy, the birthday girl, zipping down the slides.89.jpg At home,  Ella threw this blanket over Sunny’s back and decided that she was her elephant from Egypt.99.jpg Always having lots of fun together.

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  1. merilee says:

    So happy you had a bright sunny day. Blue skies can do so much to lift the spirits. Give Bug a kiss for me. Love you. Mom

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