Thursday in the park

Yesterday, it rained a lot during the day, but when the sun came out, we brought the kids to the park.  Ella tried everything and Milo pretty much stuck to the slide and the bouncy thing.  Ella brought her basketball and did some serious dribbling.

139.jpg Milo and grandma own that slide.

225.jpgMilo thinking about something good.

316.jpg415.jpg513.jpgElla showing off her basketball skills.

612.jpg Fancy footwork on the balance beam.

712.jpg On the bouncy bunny.

912.jpg1012.jpg1115.jpgA big jump.

1212.jpg Ella and Milo hanging out.

1310.jpg Such a beautiful scene.

149.jpgMommy reading to the kids before we go into NY.

157.jpg A “self portrait” of me and Normyn.

2 Responses to “Thursday in the park”

  1. Mommy/Sunny says:

    These pictures are fantastic! Ella you the light of the world- your capacity for empathy and kindness is breathtaking – may you carry it with you as you will move yourself and the world to even a better place of beauty and compassion – you are love which is your birthright! I love you and I love Mama more than words can tell. And love to all the O’s! Thank you for a great week!

  2. Mommy/Sunny says:

    You are the light of the world I meant!

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