Doing something different

We have been swimming almost every day since we arrived and Ella is getting stronger every day.  On Monday and Tuesday, we mixed it up after swimming.  On Monday afternoon, we took a hike in a nature reserve right by grandma and papa’s house.  Ella loves to explore the great outdoors and we had a nice little hike.  The only thing that creeped me out was a deer tick warning.  We did tick checks after the hike.  On Tuesday, we went to papa’s club to swim and Ella took a swimming lesson.  The teacher worked on side and front breathing and Ella did a fantastic job.  After the club, we went into NY and met KK at the Plaza Hotel for an “Eloise Tea”.  Ella walked into the Plaza and she lit up like Annie at Daddy Warbucks’ house.  Her eyes got huge and she just took it all in.  We all had white napkins and they gave Ella a special pink napkin which she cherished.  Ella ordered the Eloise Tea (so did I) which had grilled cheese, cucumber, strawberry and cream cheese and peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches.  Then there were 2 scones, and after that, chocolate dipped strawberries, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, mini cupcakes, and more stuff that I can’t even remember.  After the tea, we went to the Eloise store and we bought a DVD of the Disney Eloise movie.  After that, we went to FAO Schwarz where Ella ran back and forth on the giant piano.  Then we told her she could get one thing from the store and out of all of these amazing toys, she chose a fancy purple leotard.  We kissed KK goodbye and took one of those bike things down 59th street to meet Nikki B in the Time Warner Building.  We had a great dinner and finished it off with Ella having ice cream from Mr. Softee.  Wow!  What a day.  Today grandma, mommy, Ella and I are going to see Mary Poppins on Broadway.  Ella is just a little bit excited.

129.jpg219.jpg314.jpgElla doing ballet while mommy and Milo tap the ball keeping rhythm.

413.jpg511.jpg610.jpg710.jpgSome shots from our nature hike.

810.jpg910.jpg1010.jpgElla and her swimming teacher Sarah.  Ella is such an amazing listener in her one-on-one lessons.

1113.jpg Ella and KK in front of the original Eloise painting.

1210.jpg Mommy and Ella showing us the poster to the Eloise store.

147.jpg Ella stirring two cubes of sugar into her chamomile tea.

156.jpg The food has arrived!  Look at this happy beauty.

166.jpg This is the Palm Court where we had the Eloise Tea.

177.jpg Ella strolling into the Eloise store.

184.jpg Getting very comfortable in the Eloise chill spot.  Of course there was a giant TV screen in front of her playing an Eloise cartoon.

193.jpg Walking towards FAO Schwarz.

202.jpg Arriving at FAO Schwarz.

2110.jpg224.jpg234.jpgFun on the “Big” piano.

243.jpg Ella’s new leotard.

251.jpg Playing around in a fun mirrored room.

271.jpg281.jpgPosing in front of the man and woman statues in the Time Warner Building.

291.jpg Ice cream with mommy and Nikki B.

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