More fun and adventures

We spent this past weekend at papa’s club.  Ella has continued to LOVE swimming and it’s hard to get her out of the pool.  The club has been a nice change of scenery and we get to see papa there too!  On Sunday, Ella and I took a ride in the golf cart with papa.  When the ride was over, Ella asked papa if she could do it again at least 2 more times.  Milo has been so much fun for all of us and I think he even said “El” the other day while looking at Ella. Ella loves him a lot and he really loves Ella.127.jpgGrandma, AJ, Milo and papa hanging out pool side at the club. 218.jpg AJ and Milo in the kiddie pool.313.jpg Grandma watching Milo and AJ in the kiddie pool.412.jpg510.jpg69.jpg Ella  has no problem making friends wherever she goes.  She had a lot of fun in the pool with Sophia and Nina.  Ella met Sophia last year and they picked up where they left off.79.jpg Ella and her cousin Jack playing the Hungry Hungry Hippo game.89.jpg AJ, Sunny and I went into NY and got to meet the beautiful Twyla, Jordin and Kevin’s new daughter.99.jpg Ella and papa walking off onto the golf course.109.jpg Papa showed Ella the beginning of one of the holes and then we drove all the way to the end – right here!1112.jpg128.jpg136.jpg Golf cart driving fun!146.jpg Grandma and Milo dancing to the Howdy Doody song.155.jpg Grandma love.165.jpgTwo beauties.176.jpg Mommy and Ella feeding Milo.183.jpg Beautiful Ella!  Ella and Milo have a game where Ella builds the blocks up high for him and he knocks them down. 

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  1. Merilee says:

    I am so happy to have you all here. Great pictures. Love you. Mom

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