It’s hard to believe that all the computer needed was a good night sleep, but whatever it was, it’s working again this morning.  Yesterday morning, AJ and Michael went back to NY and Milo and Normyn stayed with us.  Milo is such a great kid with a great disposition, but if he doesn’t have one of his main “peeps” with him in sight, he’s not a happy guy.  When AJ and Michael are not around, grandma is his main woman.  He is so cute and fun with me when his “peeps” are around but when they are not in sight, he cries and screams.  Yesterday, grandma was just downstairs and Ella and I were upstairs with Milo and he cried and cried.  Ella is so beautiful when he cries – she tries to comfort him, she rubs his back, she smiles at him.  It’s great to see her want to help him.

Grandma and I took Milo and Ella to the Leonia pool yesterday.  Ella continues to swim like a fish.  She is actually getting better treading water and finding air.  Milo stayed in the kiddie pool practically the whole time.  After the pool, I was supposed to go into NY to see Twyla – Jordin and Kevin’s new baby, but there was an accident on the GWB and there was no way that I was getting into NY.  Ella and I were supposed to go in a little later to meet Nikki B for dinner but the same traffic issues were going on.  I am getting a little NJ stir crazy but that’s OK.  After dinner with grandma, papa, Ella and Milo, Ella and I went on a little adventure.  Papa went to get his haircut and Ella and I followed about 15 minutes later as spies and spied on papa getting his haircut.  Ella told me that we needed to wear sunglasses and black suits, but we just settled for sunglasses.  After spying, we got some ice cream and came back just in time to catch fireflies.

120.jpg Ella “reading” one of her old board books.

215.jpg “Hey Milo – take a look at this book.”

311.jpg“Really – it’s a good book…I think you’ll like it.”

410.jpg“Put Me In the Zoo…it’s very colorful.”

58.jpg Milo and grandma at the kiddie pool.  Milo pretty much walked around the edge of the pool.

67.jpg Ella and I were playing a game where I poured water on her and she grew like a flower.  Here is Ella the beautiful flower.

77.jpg Milo very happy that he’s about to eat dinner.

87.jpgElla and Milo were playing a game that Ella calls, “Drop it and pick it up”.  Milo drops and Ella picks up.

97.jpg107.jpgHere we are about to go spy on papa.

1110.jpgSearching for fireflies.

124.jpg They are very serious firefly searchers.

134.jpg Ella about to catch a firefly.  Notice the little spot right by her arm…that’s a firefly!

144.jpg Papa sharing a firefly with Ella.

153.jpg Here we are hanging out, being patient, and waiting for fireflies.

163.jpg174.jpgI shared my firefly with Ella.


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  1. merilee says:

    Gorgeous! What a blast! Love you. Mom

  2. Sunny/Mommy says:

    Just seeing these fantastic shots! Love them all cracked up about the black suits and sunglasses and our big girl is such a big girl–love it she tries to sooth her cousin -nothing like empathy-gotta go pack! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! I LOVE YOU MADLY!

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