Fun at the pool and celebrating Milo’s 1st birthday

Today was another really fun day.  We spent most of it at the pool.  Vaughn, Donna and Jay joined us today to help celebrate Milo’s birthday.  All day Ella was talking about the “pool party” that we were having.  We just all had a lot of fun at the pool.  Ella’s swimming is getting better by the minute.  She is fearless – and can hold her breath for a really long time.  I’m still working on the breathing thing.  It gets really frustrating for Ella.  After the pool, papa came home and all of us had dinner outside on the terrace.  Ella and Vaughn played together in her room and Jay said that Ella was really sweet with him and that played really well together.  Vaughn just turned 2 – Ella is really sweet with the little ones.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of Donna and Jay, but they were there and we all had a good time.

118.jpg213.jpg310.jpgElla made a lantern today during arts and crafts at the pool.

49.jpg Beautiful grandma and Ella.

57.jpgElla and the Leonhart clan.  It’s incredible how much Ella looks like AJ.

66.jpg Smiley boy.

76.jpg86.jpg96.jpg106.jpgElla took all of these shots including the self-portrait.

119.jpg123.jpgElla has mastered sliding down the pole.

133.jpg Ella, Michael and Milo getting ready for the party.

143.jpg Ella and grandma with their party hats on.

152.jpg Ella and Vaughn having a conversation.

162.jpg Happy Birthday Milo!

172.jpg Ella and I kept our party hats on.

181.jpg Sweet shot of Milo and AJ.

191.jpg214.jpgElla and papa are getting ready to go out and look for fireflies.

222.jpg They found some tonight and Ella caught a few (and of course set them free).

232.jpg Ending a beautiful day and night talking on the phone to beautiful mommy.  We love you Sunny/mommy see ya in a few days!

2 Responses to “Fun at the pool and celebrating Milo’s 1st birthday”

  1. Sunny/Mommy says:

    fantastic shots! Ella and Grandma in the pool and party hats are stunning –AJ and Ella resemblance is crazy amazing! Thank G-d for fireflies and papa! My beautiful Whaddy knocks me off my feet –can’t wait to see Ella swim more and more and to get her belly-button (that shot killed me)-and Milo–is so damn adorable–oooh I want to get those cheeks but will restrain myself as he doesn’t know this AS (Aunt Sunny)

    I love you Laur and love to everyone!

  2. merilee says:

    It’s wonderful having you with us. The pictures are amazing! Couldn’t be more beautiful. Love you. Mom

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