Let the fun begin

Ella and I arrived on Sunday evening.  We love you and miss you mommy.  Can’t wait to see you on  Friday. It was a full house on Sunday night with Milo, AJ, Michael, grandma and papa.  Lots of stimulation and lots of fun.  Ella pretty much remains on California time which means that she falls asleep pretty late like 11:30.  Ella had grandma up pretty late playing the ladybug game.  Ella and Milo have a very sweet love for each other.  Ella just wants to love him and nurture him and take care of him and Milo follows Ella everywhere and doesn’t take his eyes off of her.  This morning we all woke up, played lots of games (Go Fish, Zingo, Hungry Hungry Hippo), I went and got a car and my mom and Ella went to the park.  At around 1:00, we all went to the Leonia pool.  Ella could not wait to go swimming.  She played around a little in the kiddie pool but spent most of the day in the big pool where she couldn’t stand but did a fantastic job floating and swimming.  She feels confident floating on her back, but her breathing for freestyle and breast stroke is pretty weak.  That is what I am going to work with Ella on this week…side breathing and breast stroke breathing.  After a long day at the pool, Ella came home and took a nap, Milo took a nap and I did some errands.  We had a great dinner and then loads of fun after dinner playing games, making up different characters and just laughing a lot.  It is great to be here with the family.  Hurry up Sunny – get here already!  LOVE YOU.

a.jpg Ella and Milo doing some drawing.

b.jpgc.jpgSuch sweet beautiful kids.

d.jpg Ella and AJ playing Zingo.

e.jpgf.jpgHey – what are you guys doing?  I want to play Zingo too!

117.jpg Ella doing her backstroke.

212.jpg Ella took this shot.

39.jpg Ella doing arts and craft sat the pool.

65.jpg Michael, Milo and AJ getting comfy in the kiddie pool.

75.jpg Big cousin.

85.jpgElla getting ready to go into the big pool.

95.jpgMe chatting with my childhood PE teacher while Ella shows us how well she can hold her breath.

48.jpg56.jpgElla totally knocked out after a long day of swimming and playing.

105.jpg Sweet Milo helped me gently wake up Ella.

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  1. Sunny/Mommy says:

    what a beautiful way to start the day==beautiful kids-Milo and Ella together –to die for! —It will only get closer and closer–it looks like such a kibbutz! Can’t wait to get there–I love you!

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