A very fun and busy Sunday

This morning I took my parents to the airport – the visit was short but wonderful.  See you guys in a month!  Love you.  Late in the morning, we met Phyllis, Michael and the rest of the family at Los Jarritos for a delicious brunch.  All of Michael’s “kids” were there to give him lots of love for father’s day and to give him support because his mom died over the weekend.  There was lots of love at the table.  After brunch, we met up with one of Ella’s buddies, Eli and his family to see Toy Story 3.  What a great movie.  We all loved it.  After the movie, we had dinner at Eli’s dad’s club and met up with another family from Ella’s school.  It was great to see the kids together eating, talking, playing and entertaining each other.  We really had a wonderful weekend full of love and fun.129.jpg Ella and her skyscraper and rocket ship.  She put these together while I was in the shower and Sunny was out grocery shopping.219.jpg Ella’s new cowgirl sun hat.314.jpgMichael and his father’s day gang of love.413.jpg Ella and her buddies Alec, Macy and Eli.512.jpg Eli and Ella were in a race to see who could finish their dessert first.69.jpgThe great power of the iPhone.  There must have been something really exciting going on.

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  1. merilee says:

    Hope Ella is up to seeing Toy Story 3 again in New Jersey. Love you and miss you. Mom

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