Back together with Stella and Juliet

Today, Ella and I hung around, did some errands and went to the county fair behind the ballpark.  Ella loved the fair and all the little rides.  We bumped into all these kids that Ella knew.  The first kid was someone who used to live in our building, then we met up with these sisters who Ella used to go to My Gym with and then we saw 2 kids who go to CDS.  Ella loved seeing the kids that she knew and went on all the rides with them.  After the fair, Ella had swimming  I have not had time to download the movies yet, but there will be a movie within the next few days.  Ella’s teacher gets such a kick out of Ella and loves teaching her.  Tonight we went to Amici’s to celebrate one of our friend/neighbor’s birthday.  Helen, Stella, Juliet and KJ represented the Kim/Arena clan. the 3 of us were there, then there was another neighbor Angela and then the birthday girl Mallika.  The girls had so much fun together and Mallika loved all of the sweet kid energy around.  After dinner, the girls came over for a little dance party – looks like Ella may be an interpretive dancer – she has some moves that I have never seen before.  I didn’t capture any of it on film – just one of those pure and funny moments.120.jpg The girls watching the guy make pizza.215.jpg310.jpg Best bud and sister love.410.jpg Stella was really loving with Ella tonight.59.jpg Stella let Ella feel her loose teeth.67.jpg Ella was blown away.78.jpg Toasting Mallika!96.jpg105.jpg KJ helping Mallika blow out her candle.1110.jpg Mallika and the girls.  Happy Birthday!

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  1. merilee says:

    Great to see Ella has so many roots in her life. Old friends at 4 1/2 is amazing! Love you. Mom

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