Pump It Up and costume changes

This morning we met Courtney and Candace for brunch and then I took Ella to another birthday party at Pump It Up.  Ella had a great time with her buddies from school but every once in a while had a little “dynamic” with one of her friends and I think because I was there, her emotional reactions became a little amplified.  I just stopped paying attention after a while and she was fine.  After Pump It Up, we met Sunny at home.  Sunny did some errands while we were at the party.  She bought some stuff for us for Hawaii.  Ella put it all on. Then I went out to do a little shopping.  I found some cute stuff for Ella and when she saw it, she immediately put it on.  She is so funny with her outfit changes.137.jpg220.jpg320.jpg Having fun at Pump It Up.417.jpg515.jpg Ella in her new rash guard shirt and her new life jacket for the ocean.  She kept her polka dot leggings on and of course, Ann was hanging out with her this afternoon.612.jpg Ella and Bug coming back from the Zen garden.  Those are Ella’s new shoes for the beach and ocean.711.jpgElla added her special hat to her new sweater and dress outfit.89.jpg Building a black and white castle.

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  1. merilee says:

    I’m happy to see Ella wearing her life vest in the Zen garden; never know what kind of waves will come out of the fountain. Love the new dress and sweater. Can’t wait to see yours. Love you. Mom

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