Great night at the ballpark

Today was a beautiful day.  We spent most of the day outside, walking around, trying to fly a kite, playing a little basketball… Tonight, Nikki B and Donna came over to go to the Giant’s game with Sunny and me, and Debby, Toby and Rachel came over to hang out with Ella.  Ella had a great time with them.  Thanks so much for hanging out with Ella!  We had a lot of fun at the game.  The weather was perfect – it was a gorgeous night, and the Giants won 12 – 1.  We came home at around 9:15 and Ella was still wide awake listening to Debby read her an Eloise story.  I think she finally fell asleep at 10:30 which is better than last night when she fell asleep at 11:00.130.jpg Today Ella was making a birthday card for one of her friends and she drew this picture on the card.  I thought it was terrific.219.jpg Nikki B and Donna at the game tonight.  This was Donna’s first time at AT&T Park.  I think she had a great time – it was an action packed night.319.jpg Here we are at the game – one of the first times we have been at a game without Ella.  People in our section were asking us where Ella was!416.jpg I took this tonight as we were leaving the ballpark.  Everything was perfect…the company,the temperature, the color of the sky, the lights, the trees and a Giants win.514.jpg I took this of Ella tonight at around 10:00 we were hanging out and listening to music.  We went from Miley Cyrus to show tunes to Hey, Soul Sister and ended the night with a little Cinderella.

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  1. merilee says:

    So happy you had a great time and a victory at the game. Ella looks quite happy to have stayed home; she had great babysitters. Love the picture Ella drew on the card. Love you. Mom

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