Leaping Lizard Friday Assembly

It is really late and I have no business typing this up but I wanted to put this out there into the universe.  Maybe a will be a woman of few words and many images.  Ella’s class did their second assembly of the year.  We missed the first one and today’s was super cute.  Ella actually had a line…she introduced the song.  I was remembering back to December of 2008 when Ms. Alicia had to hold Ella during the entire song because Ella was crying.  This time around, Ella did her thing, sang out, and held up a sign upside down with 2 other kids during the entire performance.  Tonight, Ella and I went to Houstons with Becca, Ruthann and Jaden.  Ella and Jaden had a lot of fun together.  We watched Toy Story 1 for Friday night movie night and Ella and Jaden ended the evening getting dressed up as a skunk and a dragon.183.jpg Fun times!Now for the photos from the assembly followed by the video…513.jpg611.jpg710.jpg88.jpg98.jpg108.jpg The kids are all getting ready for their assembly to start.  It was very sunny out and luckily, Ella remembered that her red sunglasses were in her jacket pocket.1210.jpg136.jpg153.jpg164.jpg173.jpg318.jpg Looks like the show is over.415.jpg Ella heading back into the classroom with her buddy Casi.Great Job Leaping Lizards.  Great job Ms. Alicia.  You guys were adorable and wonderful to watch.  Sit back and enjoy the video…

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  1. merilee says:

    Adorable! Please tell me what the sign said and what song they were singing. Love you. Mom

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