What a beautiful birthday – what a great weekend

First of all – thank you Sunny for your beautiful birthday message and thank you Ella for your beautiful birthday song and love.  What a beautiful thing to wake up to.  Friday I went to work, Sunny went to work and grandma and papa got to spend the day with Ella.  They had a great time – went to the Aquarium at Pier 39,went to lunch and ate crab, clams, fried artichoke, and calamari.  After that they had candy and ice cream.  Ella also did the bungee thing and jumped high in the sky.215.jpgElla watching the fish go around and around and around…315.jpg Beautiful Ella and Beautiful papa looking at beautiful jellyfish.412.jpg Grandma and Ella touching a ray.510.jpg I love this shot – look at the beautiful Ella and her even more beautiful and innocent reflection.69.jpg78.jpg86.jpg96.jpg106.jpg Thanks grandma for taking these amazing photos of Ella jumping.  Looks like she had the time of her life.1110.jpg Ella and papa at dinner on Friday night.  Ella looked so tired and needed to crawl up on papa’s lap.

Sunny took me to go see Wicked on Friday night.  We had a great date night.  Today, we woke up, walked to the Ferry Building, had some lunch and then came home.  Then at around 3:00, Ella had her last t-ball game.  This was the first time that grandma and papa saw Ella play t-ball so it was totally comedy for them.  They seemed like they had a blast watching Ella play.  Ella loved having them there.  After the game, we came back to our place, had take out Chinese food, ate a delicious cake that mommy and Ella made and we also enjoyed the incredible banana pudding that Helen made for me.  Thank you Helen…you’re the greatest!

127.jpg134.jpgJust a bunch of nerds walking down the Embarcadero.143.jpgHeading home.152.jpg163.jpg172.jpg182.jpg192.jpg201.jpg216.jpg221.jpg231.jpg241.jpg251.jpg Well here are some t-ball shots today.  It was a great season.  Those coaches are angels.  The kids were amazing.  What a great experience for Ella – for us.261.jpgThe beautiful birthday cake that Sunny and Ella made for me.  Thank you!  I love you.271.jpg The three of us about to blow out the candles.281.jpg291.jpg The three musketeers.  What a great weekend.  Thank you so much for coming and spending my birthday with me.  I love you guys so much!

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  1. merilee says:

    Every moment was memorable and wonderful. We had a blast and can’t wait to return. Love you guys. Mom

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