Fancy day at school, my end of school concert and grandma and papa arrive!

What a day filled with fun, love, excitement, and emotions.  Work has been really crazy for me.  I replaced the music teacher at the school.  Today was our final performance of the year.  My kids did a great job – they should be really proud of themselves.  Here is a shot of me and some of the girls that I work with.126.jpg This was before the concert.  They all look happy and excited and I look like I am trying to figure out how the hell we are gonna pull this one off.214.jpg313.jpg411.jpg59.jpg68.jpg This is Ella’s fancy dress that she wore to school for fancy day.  I can’t take responsibility for her fancy and beautiful hairstyle.  That’s the magic of the more than talented Ms. Alicia.77.jpg Grandma and Ella doing a sack race.85.jpg Grandma and Ella practicing their wheelbarrow skills.  The fun has just begun!

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