Dinner singing, dancing and a trip to Borders

Tonight at dinner, Ella was super chatty and was singing up a storm. I had to go get the camera. She improvised her favorite song, “Hey Lolly” to “Hey Grandma – Hey Papa”. After that, she sang “La lechuza” – a song that she learned from watching a Dora video. After that song, Ella did her version of “Tiny People” by uncle Michael and then went into a very silly version of “Take Your Time” by AJ. After singing, Ella told me that she wanted to hear the “Hey Lolly Lolly” music and she did a great crazy dance. It was pretty early and Ella had a lot of energy, so Sunny and I decided to take her across the street to Borders so she could burn some energy. Ella loves the ribbons at Borders. The last part of the video is Ella giving us ribbons at Borders when a rude employee there told us that we weren’t allowed to take pictures in Borders. I am going to go back tomorrow without Ella and take that guy’s picture. Enjoy the video.

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  1. merilee says:

    Adorable! I love the improvised songs and the silver slippers. But mostly I love the joy the three of you share with each other. Love you. Mom

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