It’s all about Broadway showtunes

Ella has been singing her heart out since she was able to speak.  Her favorite show right now is Annie and she loves belting the tunes from Annie.  Last week, I played her a song from Les Miserables – “Castle On A Cloud”.  She loved the song and after playing it about 5 times for her, she had it memorized.  Tonight’s videos are Ella singing “Maybe” from Annie and “Castle On A  Cloud”.  Ella was dancing around her room and singing and I had to film it.  She is too cute.  She loves singing so much.  She really gets into the songs.  Today when I picked up Ella from school, she greeted me with a beautiful hairstyle.  Looks like Ms. Alicia is back in action.  Ella looked great and she loved it.  When we were driving home, I asked Ella what her favorite part of the day was and she said, ‘When Ms. Alicia did my hair.”  Those moments are very special to Ella – unlike when I do her hair and she yells and screams.  I love that she loves when Ms. Alicia does her hair and gives her special attention.  Here are a few shots of the reverse braid style…135.jpg227.jpg323.jpg Just beautiful.  If we could only get her over here at 7:30 every morning…421.jpg Later on in the evening, Helen gave Ella a very special gift.  She gave her a peacock umbrella and a peacock pair of boots.  Ella loved it.  She can’t wait for it to rain.Now for the movies…

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  1. merilee says:

    Irresistable! Gorgeous! Very moving! Love you. Mom

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