Ballet and Basketball

Ella is a determined person.  When she sees something that she wants to do, she keeps practicing and practicing until she gets it.  At school, she sees kids doing things and if it’s something that she wants to do too, she keeps trying.  There is this bar that the kids hang from on the “structure” area of the yard at school.  Some kids are tall enough and coordinated enough to get up there and hang upside down.  Ella isn’t really even tall enough to reach the bar and yet she wants to hang upside down so badly.  I’ve seen her try to do it – to try to climb up the pole while hanging with her hands but she’s not strong or tall enough to do it.  She’ll get it soon and I can’t wait to see her do it.  Another thing that she’s been watching kids do is dribble a basketball.  She has been watching kids dribble at school and talks about it all the time.  We got her a basketball last week and she has been practicing.  She’s getting pretty good.  Check out the video at the end of this entry.  Tonight, Ella and I had dinner together at Nama while Sunny was at a Giants board meeting.  Ella ate like a champion and then we met up with Stella and Juliet in the lobby to practice dribbling the basketball.  The girls had a lot of fun.  I have a lot more to say but I’m tired… more tomorrow.1a2.jpg This is from Monday night…Ella Sunny and I were playing charades.  This is a shot of Ella trying to figure out Sunny’s word.134.jpg Ella tonight at Nama.226.jpg Chopsticks and a spoon!322.jpg Dribbling…420.jpg Passing…512.jpgEating keys…611.jpg Looks like Ella is getting ready to take a shot.710.jpg Stella all dressed up in her Belle dress going for the ball.89.jpg Ella and Juliet having lots of fun.Now for the movies…first Ballet from Monday – Sunny got to go to the class while I was at the doctor, and then a quick basketball movie…

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  1. merilee says:

    Great videos. Good job at the ballet, Mommy Sunny. Ella kept spinning and spinning; I was sure she would fall down from dizziness! And I love the music, Momma, to the basketball video. Ella is certainly determined. I wonder where she gets it from? Love you. Mom

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