T-ball and baseball

Ella had a t-ball game this afternoon.  She is really funny – she has a great time, loves being with her school buddies, loves being outside, but is probably the most un-focused that I have ever seen her.  She actually did a pretty good job today.  She is completely focused when she is batting and now knows how to run the bases, but once she in on the field, she starts playing in the dirt and talking to the other kids.  The whole experience is pretty fun to watch.  Tonight, we went to the Giants game.  The Giants won and we stayed for the entire game.  Ella was terrific!  It was a super fun night.69.jpg78.jpg87.jpg96.jpg106.jpg1111.jpg128.jpg133.jpg144.jpg154.jpg T-ball!129.jpg Ella in her Giants getup.224.jpg Ella insisted that we take this huge finger thing to the game.320.jpgWe bumped into some of our Community Fund buddies and Ella played this game and won a Tim Lincecum poster.418.jpg The iTouch is a great tool to keep Ella happy at the games.  Here she is learning how to write owl.510.jpgThe beautiful orange lit trees in front of the ballpark.

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  1. merilee says:

    Congratulations! the Giants won and you stayed for the whole game. Thanks for the video chat. We miss you. Love you. Mom

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