The Zoo

This morning, Ella woke up really wanting to see Stella and Juliet.  It has been a few days since they have really hung out.  Today, we all went to the zoo.  It turned out to be a beautiful day weather wise (it’s usually freezing over there) and it wasn’t as crowded at is has been, so it was great.  The girls saw the reindeer, went on the carousel, went to the children’s zoo and the petting zoo, went into a creepy insect exhibit (at least creepy for me), had lunch and then played at the park in the zoo.  Ella fell asleep at around 2:00 and she is still sleeping…it is now 4:38.  Here are a few pictures from the zoo today, I am working on a little movie.

Ella saying hi to a black goat

The girls are determined to get to the center of the web

Ella so happy on the swings

I stole this from Stella and Juliet’s website.  I’ll try to get a bigger one later, but this is just too cute to not put on.

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