Leaving Ann at school

If you have been following this, you’ll know about Ann…the free hippo that Ella got in NJ while on her first outing to Toys R Us with grandma and papa.  Ella loves Ann so much.  She sleeps with her every night.  Lately, she has been bringing Ann to school for nap time.  This afternoon, we forgot to bring Ann home from school.  Ella realized this just as she was getting ready for bed.  She began to cry and cry and say, “I want Ann NOW”.  It was really sad and really sweet at the same time.  I quickly pulled out one of her other stuffed animals – a very big headed Tweety and said in my worst Tweety voice, “Hey Ewa – why awe you so sad?”  She looked at Tweety and said, “I am sad because we left Ann at school and I want her here.  I sleep with her every night and I miss her.”  She began to cry again.  Then Sunny talked to her through another stuffed animal Dog Dog.  Dog Dog was saying that she has been with Ella since she was little and that she would sleep with her.  Ella talked to Dog Dog too but just really wanted Ann.  I suggested that she write Ann a letter that she could give to her in the morning at school and Ella really got into the idea.  Here it is…ann.jpg She told Ann that she loved her so much and that she missed her so much.  How beautiful is that?  After Ella wrote the note, she felt all better and went to sleep.  We also told her that if Alicia got to the classroom before her, maybe she would take Ann out of Ella’s cubby and put her on Alicia’s desk.  I’m sure Ella is going to be so happy to see Ann in the morning.

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  1. merilee says:

    Who wudda thunk! Love you. Mom

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