10 beautiful years together

Today Sunny and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Sunny.  I love you.  We told Ella that it was our anniversary this morning and she was really into it. Today when Ella came back from swimming, Ella made this for us…416.jpg The three of us went out to dinner at the Crab House to celebrate.  Ella ate like a champion, she had clams, crab, fried artichokes and noodles.  For dessert Ella had chocolate mousse cake.   Either Ella was super hungry after swimming or she is going through a serious growth spurt.  Ella also has a cold again.  It is so red under her nose.  At least now she is putting vaseline on it.  She used to go crazy if we even tried to touch under her nose.  It was a really sweet night full of  a lot of love.  I also want to wish Uncle Michael a Happy Birthday!  Sorry we don’t have a video for you.  Wishing you a beautiful year Michael.  Lots of love to you.222.jpg We took this tonight with the self timer.  Look at Ella’s red nose.  Poor baby.58.jpg Ella took this one of us…(after she dropped the camera and kind of broke it).126.jpg I took this picture on Tuesday night.  Ella wanted to wear her old rat costume.  It may have had something to do with Ella and her classmates spotting a rat in the garden at school.  Wildlife in SF.  Ella’s class is celebrating Earth Day and Alicia asked the parents to send the kids to school with stuff that we recycle.  Ella brought in a small bag of stuff to school this morning.  Tonight, Ella said, “Ms. Alicia told me that I brought great stuff for our art project”.  She then decided that she wanted to collect stuff around the house for tomorrow morning.  She was very cute with her brown bag going through the garbage and asking us for magazines.  Ella is really into school.

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  1. merilee says:

    Once again Happy Anniversary. Glad you all went out to celebrate. Sorry Ella has a cold. Loved Ella’s anniversary card. Love you. Mom

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