Ms. Alicia is back!

If Ella had a way of communicating other than her (sometimes) loud voice, she would have told everyone that she knows that Ms. Alicia is coming back to the Leaping Lizard classroom.  On Saturday morning, she woke me up yelling, “Mama – Ms. Alicia will be back on Monday!”  On Sunday night she couldn’t fall asleep she was so excited…she finally fell asleep a little bit after 10:00.  This morning, even though she was so tired, she got out of bed pretty quickly and kept saying, “Today is Ms. Alicia day!”  Sunny and I both took Ella to school today.  We wanted to see Ms. Alicia too.  So many parents dropped their kids off in the classroom – it was like the first day of school.  We are all really happy Ms. Alicia is back.  Tonight as Ella was falling asleep she muttered, “Today was my first day back with Ms. Alicia”.  Feel the love Ms. Alicia!  Today after school, we took Ella to a birthday party for one of her classmates.  It was at this place called “Pump It Up”.  The place is filled with giant bouncy houses.  Ella has been there before and was not into going down the giant slides.  Today, she was fearless.  She went on everything there was to go on.  She went down all the slides, climbed up the rock climbing wall, up the ladders…it was so great to see.  We also bounced around in the bouncy houses.  That place is a lot of fun.  On the way home, Ella told me that she wanted to go there with grandma and papa the next time they visited.  We decided together that grandma would probably go on everything but papa would probably watch.   I didn’t get any pictures because we were all so busy jumping and climbing and sliding.  I finally made a movie of Ella’s last swimming lesson.  She is doing so well.  She is really responding well to her new teacher. Check it out…

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  1. merilee says:

    Great swimming video. I love the survival skills Ella is learning. And you’re right; I will probably try a slide or two and Papa will watch. Say hi to Miss Alicia for me; I’m glad she’s back too. Love you. Mom

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