A day and night full of fun and love

Ella had one busy day today.  We started off going to South Park and doing a lot of climbing (Ella climbed), then we went over to AT&T Park where there was an event that Sunny was a part of, then we went to Ella’s T-ball game and then we spent the night with 2 of Sunny’s childhood friends and their kids (well not really kids – wonderful young adults in their early 20’s).  Ella was in heaven with all of the older girls.  We all had dinner at Mijita, frozen yogurt at Blush and then came home and played Beatles Rock Band.  I am going to post a bunch of pictures now.  Ella did much better at the game than the practice on Friday.  The kids had a blast at the game.  They are good little players.  Ella only did a little dirt art…I asked her what she was doing and she said that she needed to mark her spot with an X every time a new batter was up so she wouldn’t lose her place.  Funny.124.jpg220.jpg318.jpg415.jpg57.jpg67.jpg76.jpg85.jpg95.jpg105.jpg Pretty amazing pics huh?  Ella really had a fun time at the game.1110.jpg Ella with Naomi (Phyllis’ daughter) and Rachel (Faye’s daughter).125.jpg Ooh – check out those big muscles.132.jpg143.jpg Walking with the big girls to Blush.153.jpg Sunny and Faye singing a lovely Beatles song.163.jpg Check out our Beatles rockband group.173.jpg183.jpg193.jpg Ella played the drums. , the guitar and did a great job on vocals.

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  1. merilee says:

    Looks like a fabulous day. Your photos of Ella playing T-ball are amazing! I see another career opportunity for you. And your jam session with the “girls” is priceless. I love the way Ella fits in with everyone of every age. Love you. Mom

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