Keeping the girls busy

Today, we tried to get an early start on the day and went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. It was a beautiful day in SF and the girls had a really good time. At one point during lunch, Ella was letting us know that she remembered who she was there with before…out of nowhere she started yelling, “Hi Stella, hi Juliet, hi Helen”. It was really sweet. The girls both fell asleep in the car on the way home and then took pretty long naps. After the naps, we hung around a little bit and then took another walk around the ballpark. The weather was still beautiful, but a little crisp. We had dinner at Acme where Ella discovered that she loved the tea that I drink there. There are some cute pictures.3playing.jpgSunny, Ella and Clara playing with the fishiescollectingfish.jpgClara went around and collected lots of fishbee.jpgHere’s Ella in her bee vest. They have a lot of little things that the kids can wear there. Ella also put on a skunk and a spider. Clara put on a ladybug.butterfly.jpgHoney – look at the big butterflywateringcans.jpgElla playing with watering cans – she was really into the pretend gardencousinshuggie.jpgBig huggie behind the ballparkhappy1.jpgHaving a beautiful moment of happinesshappy2.jpgPure blissdanclara1.jpgA sweet picture of Dan and Claramommy.jpgI love you mommydrinkingtea.jpgDrinking tea and coffee togethercheers.jpgCheers!

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  1. merilee says:

    Looks like you had a beautiful weekend. Try to call us on Sunday.

    Love you. Mom

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