T-Ball Game

Today was Ella’s first t-ball game.  She did a great job.  You could tell that she incorporated some of the stuff that she learned yesterday into her game today.  I am really tired – actually already took my Ambien so I will not try to make sense.  Just enjoy the pictures.  We are heading back east in the morning and can’t wait to hang out with the family.126.jpg Ella and Towby before the game.218.jpg Happy happy Ella the t-ball player.317.jpgElla made it to first base.413.jpg Ella running to 2nd.513.jpg Out on the field – playing second base and looking for flowers to pick.69.jpg Look like a real t-ball player who needs a rest.79.jpgAction shot – running to first base.89.jpg Ella checking out her mitt while Fiona and Kaliko play ball.98.jpg Ella loved making it on  base.  (Every kid makes it home actually) but Ella hasn’t figured it out  so making it on base is exciting.107.jpgGetting some heart to heart coaching form Rich.1111.jpg A lot of the members of the CDS Rockets.127.jpgElla the close talker.133.jpg Ella running home.143.jpgLittle ball player taking a water break.153.jpgThe game is almost over…162.jpgLining up to greet the other team.

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  1. merilee says:

    Couldn’t be more adorable. Love you. Mom

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