T-Ball practice

What an amazing experience as parents, to see your kid on the field on a team for the very first time.  Sunny and I were out of our minds with excitement, joy and a lot of laughter.  Ella did a great job today.  The parents who coach the team are incredible, patient and loving, and they really know how to keep the kids involved.  The photos and the video tell the story of what we witnessed today.  The game is tomorrow and we can’t wait to go!125.jpg Ella at home before the practice testing out her new batting helmet.217.jpg A little warm-up before the practice.  Ella is getting stronger.316.jpgFocused and listening to the coaches.412.jpg Team warm-up.512.jpg68.jpg78.jpg Standing, resting and throwing the ball from first base.88.jpg Arnie teaching the kids how to throw.97.jpg A little sand art while Clark is practicing throwing the ball.106.jpg Nice throw kiddo.1110.jpgElla and one of  her buddies Kaliko.

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  1. merilee says:

    What memories this brings back, of you, Lauren, on the softball field playing your heart out. The video is a riot. I can’t wait for the actual ball game. Enjoy every minute. Love you. Mom

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