We’re back!!!

We had a great weekend in Scottsdale.  The 3 of us went to Arizona for spring training.  Part of the trip was work for Sunny who is on the board of the Giants Community Fund.  Sunny’s nephew David lives in Scottsdale so we were able to spend some time with him and his wife which was great.  It was the first time that Ella met them and they all hit it off right away.  We all had dinner the first night we arrived and after dinner, Ella was obsessed with going swimming.  It is not very warm in the desert at night in March, but I bit the bullet and went in with her.  She had so much fun and I froze!117.jpgDavid and Ella – fun and love at first sight!211.jpgSuper sweet photo of Jackie, Ella and David.311.jpgWhat a beautiful family!410.jpg510.jpg67.jpg77.jpg87.jpgNight time swimming fun!  Well…at least for Ella.  I was freezing!The next day, Sunny had to go to the ballpark early, so Ella and I hung out in the room, went swimming and then met up with Sunny and the other board members and their families at the ballpark.  One couple had their 6 year old son Jesse with them and Ella connected with him right away.  For the next couple of days, they had such a great time together.  I think the most fun they had was one night during an “adult’ dinner.  They sat under the table and watched WordWorld on my iTouch.96.jpgElla chillin’ in the morning eating her freshly frosted  cinnamon roll.9a.jpgCheck this out – Ella is on our bed.  Notice the spiked mirror decorations right above our heads…I guess Arizona doesn’t worry about earthquakes.105.jpgLicking off every last bit of cotton candy.118.jpg122.jpgElla and Jesse walking back to the hotel from the ballpark.132.jpgElla, mommy and Jesse in the hot tub.  Ella would not go into hot tubs until that very moment.  Jesse was her inspiration.142.jpgHappy Ella the next day at the game.152.jpg161.jpgElla enjoying the animal sculptures on the way back to the hotel from the ballpark on Saturday.171.jpgDinner with some Community Fund members and their families.181.jpgElla actually finished her entire thing of linguine!191.jpg20.jpgHere we are dancing with the kids.  The other mom is a board member Christine and her daughter Isabella.212.jpgElla and mommy playing name that tune.222.jpgElla and some prickly pear cactus.231.jpgChristine, Sunny, Isabella and Ella at breakfast this morning.241.jpg251.jpgElla patiently waiting to board the plane.261.jpgOn the plane heading home.  Ella loves Honkers – a gift from David and Jackie.  She buckled Honkers in with her and told him that flying is fun and that there is nothing to be afraid of…she would take care of him.

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  1. merilee says:

    Wonderful pictures! Looks like you had a fabulous time. David is adorable; so glad for all of you that you had time to visit. How did the Giants do? (More talk about food and swimming than baseball.) Love you. Mom

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