A funny story

Well at least I think it’s funny…tonight we were having dinner at home and we were talking about St. Patrick’s Day.  One of the families from Ella’s class came in and spoke about St. Patrick’s Day.  They read a story and made their own cool little books.  Then Sunny and I were talking about St. Patrick’s day and we were commenting that everyone we came across had on green.  I started telling Sunny about this woman who I work with.  She was all decked out in green and white and had a green glitter top hat on that was tilted to the side.  I said, “She looked more like a P-i-m-p (I spelled the word) than an leprechaun.  All of a sudden Ella said, “What is a p-m-i-p?  Mama…what is a p-m-i-p???”  She wouldn’t let up.  Sunny and I were crying from laughter.  Finally I told her that I spelled the word wrong and meant to say pip.  She asked what a pip was and we gave some lame description.  It was a funny moment.  Ella had her first swimming lesson with the new teacher and it was really great.  I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t want to freak him out.  After dinner tonight, we met up with the Kim/Arena’s for yogurt.  It was really fun.a.jpgHere are the girls excited to get dessert.We are off to spring training in Arizona for the weekend.  Can’t wait to sit back, relax, go swimming and watch some baseball.

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  1. merilee says:

    That’s a riot. I guess the spelling days are over. You’ll have to learn to speak yiddish. That’s what my grandparents did to me when they didn’t want me to understand. Have a great weekend. Love you. Mom

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