Happy Thanksgiving

We all want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all had a great day. We all certainly had a fun filled day. We took a nice walk around the ballpark and walked along the water. Clara and Ella played hard in the playground and then we had some grilled cheese and french fries. After lunch and the park, we came home and the girls took naps. We had an early Thanksgiving dinner – Sunny did a beautiful job preparing the food. After dinner, I made cupcakes, we had dessert and then the girls took a bath together. They had a blast. Then we watched a little bit of Ratatouille and read lots of books. The girls are now sleeping soundly.

Ella and Clara playing on Lou Seal – they were in the middle of making seal noises

Sunny and Ella strolling to the park

Playing on the boat at the park

Clara climbed up this structure and Sunny helped Ella get up to the top for a sweet kiss

Dan and Clara coming home on their way home from the park

Today is Bug’s 13th birthday. Happy Bat Mitzvah Bug!

Here I am telling Ella a secret and Towby is pretending he didn’t hear it.

It’s dinner time! Look at the Thanksgiving dinner that the girls had on their plates. About 5 minutes later, they asked Sunny for mac and cheese and of course, super mommy made it.

Nothing like a yummy cupcake at the end of a Thanksgiving meal

Playing with toys while sitting in the toy chest

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