Ella meets her cousin Clara

This afternoon, Sunny’s nephew Dan and his daughter Clara arrived from Denver for a Thanksgiving visit. Clara will be 4 in a couple of months. The girls hit it off right away. Ella loves older kids and she was very exited to share her toys and books with Clara. We all went across the street to Amici’s for dinner. The girls shared some pizza, noodles and spaghetti. They both did a great job eating dinner and then found a place in the restaurant to dance around, sing and of course play ring around the rosie. After dinner we walked to the ice cream store and the girls had ice cream. We came home and all hung out watching videos from Ella’s adventures. Clara decided from watching the videos that she wanted to go to the Bay Area Discovery Museum from watching all the videos. We will go there on Friday. Here are some sweet pictures.

Hmmm…what should we get to eat? What do you recommend, Ella?

Here are the girls holding hands and both giving me their version of a smile.

Here they are having a blast. You can just hear Ella’s laughter looking at this shot.


This is a cute picture, but I really put it in because I wanted you to notice Ella’s silver glittery shoes. They were a gift from her fairy godmother Helen. Ella loves them so much that she woke up this morning asking for them.

Here are the girls at the ice cream store

Here is a sweet picture of mommy and the two beauties.

2 Responses to “Ella meets her cousin Clara”

  1. merilee says:

    Beautiful pictures. Happy Thanksgiving. Love you all. Mom

  2. Victoria says:

    This website is sucha cool thing. Glad everyone is having a great time and I know Clara will be asking to go to Ella’s house for months to come. Her cousin, Xavier, here will be disappointed she is spending time with her outher cousing today. Have a great holiday, lots of love, Hi Clara, Victoria

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