No ballet movie today

When I went to pick up Ella from school today, one of the teachers told me that she fell while running on the pre school yard.  I went into the classroom and another teacher was putting a band-aid on her knee.  Ella was crying when she saw me. She was shaking and she seemed really sad or scared.  I held her and kissed her and told her that I was sorry that her knee hurt.  I told her that it would feel better one day.  I asked her if she was ready for ballet and she burst out crying saying that she did not want to go.  She said that she was afraid that her knee would hurt and I just didn’t want to force her.  She was very sensitive and I just wanted to support her.  She loves her ballet class so much and I didn’t want to put her through that if she didn’t really want to go.  She’s doing much better now and we’re making up the class on Saturday,  I’m tired.  Goodnight,

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  1. merilee says:

    Please kiss Ella’s knee for me. I hope she’s feeling better. And you too. A wounded child really takes a lot out of a Mom. Love you. Mom

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