First blog on my new computer

Well…something happened to me this week that has never happened to me before.  My computer died – really just died.  I went to the Apple store and they said that there was no way for them to help me.  Of course, for a control freak like me, this was not a good thing at all, but I am trying to just put one foot in front of the other and fall in love with my new computer.   Luckily, I had all 48,000 photos stored on an external hard drive to I really can’t complain.  I am still getting used to doing things a little differently, but I’m sure this blog thing will go smoothly – just learning new iPhoto, iMovie (i can have a nervous breakdown at any point!)Ella had a great week at camp – she came home with different art projects every day. On Thursday when they were learning about India and peacocks, Ella brought in one of the pictures that we took at the zoo with Ella and a peacock.  She was very proud to share it.  Nikki B came on Wednesday for a few days and we had some really nice dinners and fun times.  Today, after school, I took Ella to another volleyball game that the kids I work with were having.  Ella really loved it and the kids love her so much!  It’s very sweet.  Tonight, Ella went to Stella and Juliet’s to for Friday night movie night – they watched Cars and we went out to dinner with Debby, Toby and our friend Tina who is in from New York.  After our dinner, we came back and Ella joined us.  We played a really fun game of charades.114.jpgHere is a great shot of Ella from the other night.  It was really a picture of Ella and Nikki B, but she didn’t like it of her.  I love this of Ella27.jpgHere’s Ella with 2 of the kids I work with at the volleyball game today.36.jpg46.jpgElla in our Zen Garden when we came home today55.jpgOur doggies in the garden.65.jpgSunny reading to the girls before dinner tonight.74.jpgElla doing one of the animals in charades.

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  1. merilee says:

    Saw these at Carole and Herb’s in Florida. Carole saw them too and loved them. Ella is gorgeous. Love you. Mom

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