Monday with Ella

We had a very busy weekend that ended at IKEA last night. Ella was fantastic at IKEA, she slept in her stroller the whole time. Sunny and I got a lot of things that we needed. We’re trying to keep things neat in a home where there is a two year old – good luck. Ella made a pee on the potty again on Sunday morning. She seems to be getting the hang of it. Sunny told me that Ella told her every time she pooped today. It was after the fact, but I think the first step is an announcement. Ella has continued to sleep through the night. As a matter of fact, she slept for 12 hours the other night! Here are some pictures and 2 videos. The videos are of Ella at Acrosport with Sunny today and then Ella and Sunny later on during the day. We bought Ella and easel at IKEA and the video is of Ella in action.

Here is beautiful Ella a few minutes after she woke up from her 12 hour sleep. Check out her bed head.

Ella at her easel


2 Responses to “Monday with Ella”

  1. Victoria says:

    Tis video is adorable. “I love brown.” has to be the sweetest thing I have ever heard.

  2. jamie says:

    After the “circles” it looks like she’s about to topple over — she’s a crazy dancer, that little girl.
    love you

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