Yerba Buena and the balloon

We never made it to the Bay Area Discovery Museum on Monday, but Ella and I did make it downtown, did a little shopping, had lunch and met mommy at Yerba Buena.  It was another beautiful day and Ella played hard!  She still has a cold and cough so we decided to skip ballet.  Here are some pictures of Ella from yesterday.

110.jpgElla walking to the train.

25.jpg Mac and cheese at Nordstrom all gone!

35.jpg Ella at the MLK fountain.

45.jpg54.jpgElla groovin’ on the beautiful red tulips.

64.jpg73.jpg83.jpg93.jpgHaving a blast playing at the Yerba Buena playground.

Ella’s school is off this week for winter break but Sunny and I can’t take off work so we enrolled Ella at the camp at her school.  On Monday night, as I was putting her to bed, we were talking about camp and the teachers who were going to be there.  I told her about 2 teachers who are from her class and one teacher from another class.  She got a little teary and said, “I only want to teachers from my class – I have an idea, let’s skip camp.”  It was so sweet and so sad.  I told her that I promised to talk to the teachers that she knew and to ask them to give Ella some extra love.  She thought that was a good idea.  Today when Ella got to camp, she ran into the room, sat down and immediately began an art project.  I guess she got over her hesitation.  She said she had a great time.

Here are some pictures from tonight of Ella playing “volleyball” with a balloon.  I took Ella to my school on Friday to watch some of the kids that I work with play volleyball.  I guess she liked what she saw.


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  1. merilee says:

    Seems like a beautiful day. I love that Ella is playing volley ball. She’s a natural athlete like you and Sunny. Love you. Mom

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