A beautiful day in Golden Gate Park

Today was a great day – it was beautiful outside and we decided to spend the day at Golden Gate Park.  We walked around Stowe Lake, rented a pedal boat and rode around the lake and then Ella rode her bicycle.  We took little breaks during the bike ride to check out the Golden Gate Park wildlife.  We spent about 1/2 hour watching this guy feed these giant carp.  We were as mesmerized as Ella was!  The water was really  murky so I couldn’t get pictures of the fish, but it was very cool and a little creepy.

18.jpgSelf timer!  Here we are on the pedal boat.  Ella was steering.

24.jpg34.jpg44.jpgHere is some of the beautiful scenery that we saw while we were pedaling around the lake.

53.jpgElla is patiently looking for…

63.jpgA gopher who popped his beautiful little head out of his hole.

72.jpg Ella was also feeding the ducks.

82.jpg Getting ready for a bike ride – don’t worry, Ella had her helmet.

92.jpgWaiting for the fish to come and get the bread…

102.jpgCheck out Sunny’s face!  I think she was more surprised than Ella.

112.jpg122.jpgMore beautiful nature.

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  1. merilee says:

    Beautiful pictures; looks like a beautiful day. And Ella’s wearing pants! Love you. Mom

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