Ella’s first snow and much much more

This morning, Ella woke up pretty early, got into bed with grandma, and listened to the radio.  On the radio, Ella heard them talking about snow flurries.  Ella then realized that it was snowing outside.  Grandma and Ella put tons of clothes on and went outside at around 7:30 am so that Ella could catch a snow flake on her tongue.  Thanks grandma for taking pictures.  I really appreciate it!  Once we woke up, we went outside with Ella.  We made a little snowman, Ella and mommy made some snow angels and Ella and mommy had a snowball fight.

127.jpg219.jpgGrandma’s pictures of Ella when the snow first began.

316.jpg410.jpg510.jpg68.jpg78.jpgFun in the snow!

After all the snow fun, we drove into NY to go to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.  Our friends Jennie and David met us there for a little while with their 6 month old beautiful daughter Tess.

goodadler.jpgDora’s family and Tess’ family!

I am just going to put a whole bunch of pictures of Ella at the museum here.  She had a blast and pretty much covered the whole museum.

97.jpg106.jpg1112.jpg128.jpg133.jpg143.jpg154.jpg163.jpg172.jpg182.jpg192.jpg202.jpg2110.jpg222.jpg232.jpgElla had a blast.  After the museum, we took a little walk and got something to eat.

242.jpg252.jpgHere we are walking around in my old neighborhood – the Upper West Side.  We all had a really fun day.

261.jpgAJ, Michael, Milo and Normyn came out tonight to sleep over.  Here is AJ feeding Milo some home made apple sauce.

271.jpg Mommy and Ella having fun at dinner.

291.jpg301.jpgElla helped uncle Michael give Milo a bath.

317.jpg 322.jpgPretty cool moves.

332.jpgellanormyn.jpgBeautiful Normyn ready for bed and beautiful Ella not too far behind her.

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  1. merilee says:

    It was a wonderful day. Having 2/3 of the family at home in New Jersey was great! Jesse and Heather we miss you. Love you. Mom

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