What we’ve been up to…

We’ve been having a great time here.  On Monday, Sunny gave an amazing lecture at Pace Law School.  It was terrific and we really appreciate our friends who drove in the crazy weather to make it out there.  Thank you Diana, Carol, Jane, Marietta, Jordin and Cori.

124.jpg217.jpgLook at this amazing woman doing her thing!  Fantastic.

We came back from Westchester and then I drove with my mom back into NY to take Milo home.  We came back and decided to go to the movies.  My mom and Ella went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and Sunny and I went to see Avatar.  We were all thoroughly entertained with our movies but Sunny and I didn’t love Avatar.

Today, Sunny had to go back to Westchester to take the law students to the jail where they started the program that Sunny started in SF and Ella, my mom and I went into NY to meet KK for lunch.  We went to the Scandanavian House and had a great lunch and then Ella played in these cool playrooms upstairs.  We came back to NJ after that and then Sunny and I went back into NY to have a great dinner with Nikki B and then dessert at Magnolia.  YUM!

314.jpg48.jpgElla and grandma in an intense Ladybug game.

58.jpg Walking to KK’s apartment.

67.jpg Ella drinking lingonberry juice.

96.jpgElla and KK in one of the playrooms.

77.jpgCheck out this cool space.  Ella had fun “ice skating” on this lake.

86.jpg105.jpg1111.jpg125.jpgElla had a lot of fun here.  We had a lot of fun watching her.  It would be cool to have a place like this in SF.

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  1. merilee says:

    I’m having a ball with you all being here. Too bad we didn’t take a camera to dinner at Dante’s where Ella was treated to a trit to the kitchen and a garlic knot. Love you. Mom

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